Welcome to 2 Heart’s.

Our innovative products developed to meet the needs of its customers in love Pupilach.

Often we have seen, when the shopping guardians have to leave your dog at the entrance to the store. The heart was bursting with grief at the sight of sad animals eagerly waiting for its owner.

With our ideas we wanted to meet the expectations of Our new customers.

We have created a completely new product for dogs, cats and thumbnails –


It is a product that will allow you to move freely with your pet on

  • walk
  • shopping
  • vacation
  • and even while engaging in certain sports.

You can be together everywhere! Is your cat was with you on vacation? Now you can think about it.

We have a head full of new solutions.

If she was interested in you, Dear Customers first product, Stay tuned to our website and Facebook.

We wish you great moments with your heart hugged the tiny and selflessly devoted hearts (2 Hard)!

Team 2 Heart’s