Innovative BESTSELLER product on the market for carrying animals up to 10 kg.
GOLDENHEART chubby bag is a modern way to spend your free time with your Pet.

Designed for the look and feel of Pet and his guardian. From this moment on, walking, shopping, playing, sports is taking on a new dimension.


Soft and comfortable carrying bag for dogs, cats, rabbits and miniature.
Thanks to its design, it is possible to wear the Animal in any position.

Starting with wearing the front of the body, by wearing on the side, and ending on the back.

Countless possibilities of bonding give you the chance to adjust the product to yourself and your Pupil by adjusting to body ergonomics. Made of natural fabrics, natural ventilation can be maintained according to the season.


In the center of the bag, there is a locking device that allows Pupila to be attached to a leash or harness. In addition, the drives to regulate the input are provided.


A number of bag binding options allow you to customize both Pupil and owner, as well as the actions they can perform together. Placed in the middle of the pocket stiffens the bottom by inserting the included insert. Outside loops allow you to add keys, treats, or other accessories. The whole can be folded into the attached bag which takes up little space and facilitates storage.



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