Goldenheart Size A (S/M) Raspberry summer


GRAMMAR: 230g / m2

Innovative BESTSELLER product on the market – shawl – carrying bag of small animals weighing up to 10 kg.

Shawl – bag GoldenHeart, is a modern way to spend free time with your Pupil. Designed for the comfort and safety of the Pet and his guardian. From this moment on, walking, shopping, playing, playing sports takes on a new dimension!

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GOLDENHEART is the perfect way to spend anytime with your Pupil. To make this possible
And comfortable size should be chosen accordingly.

It is intended for small animals.

These are Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, Miniature, and similar breeds: small cats, chinchilla rabbits, ferrets

While choosing the middle part depends on the dog we wear, the choice of shawl length depends on the size of the clothes we wear.

There are three lengths KIDS (for children), S / M, L / XL, which I choose on the basis of worn clothes. A person wearing size M should choose size S / M. Choosing the right size for a wearer to suit your clothing will allow you to make the bindings that are available in the Instructions section.

The person in the photo is S / M size. This does not mean, however, that in the case of children the size of KIDS will be too small at some point. It will not give as many opportunities for bonding because of too little bonding material, but you will still be able to tie on the side.

Warning! Please note that cotton can shrink up to 7% during laundry.

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Malinowe lato, Owoce leśne


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